Lustron Houses

Images from Quantico Marine Base, Virginia

By Christine Madrid French, 2003.

For More Information on the Lustron Project, please visit the Recent Past Preservation Network, Lustron page.

All photographs digitized from color slides.



No. 1:

Row of Lustron Homes at Quantico Marine Base at Quantico, Virginia; the largest collection of Lustron houses in the country.



No. 2:

Pink and blue Lustron homes.



No. 3:

Pink bathroom of Lustron home.



No. 4:

Blue Lustron home, rendered in black and white.



No. 5:

Blue Lustron home, detail of living room "bay" window.



No. 6:

Lustron Neighborhood at Quantico


No. 7:

Lustron Pink.



No. 8:

Lustron Neighbors.



No. 9:

Lustron Blue.



No. 10

Lustron Neighborhood

quick scan - slide better quality that image indicates